New Trends in Global Health Diplomacy During COVID-19 Age

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TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Department of Political Science and International Relations
International Symposium: 

New Trends in Global Heath Diplomacy during COVID-19 Age:

Perspectives from Turkey and Japan

26 March 2021
     Supported by: Embassy of Japan in Ankara
9: 00- 10:20
Opening Speeches
Prof. Dr. Asena Caner, Dean, TOBB-ETÜ
Keynote Addresses
10: 30- 12:00
COVID19 Response and Global Health Diplomacy: Turkish and Japanese Experiences
“The Intersection of Humanitarian Diplomacy and Defense Diplomacy: The Case of Japan”
“Evacuation of Civilians in Humanitarian Emergencies: Lessons from the Japanese experience in Wuhan”
This symposium is conducted as part of out ongoing project on the topic: For further information please visit the project page
This web site is developed as part of an ongoing project, entitled Turkey-Japan Dialogue on Global Affairs.
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