Transitions in Global, Regional and Energy Orders


Editors: Şaban Kardaş - Haldun Yalçınkaya

This book is a product of an ongoing strategic conversation between the Turkish and Japanese researchers: Japan-Turkey Dialogue on Global Affairs. Supported by the Japanese Embassy in Ankara, the symposia organized by the TOBB University of Economics and Technology have provided an important platform for academics and strategic thinkers from the two countries to discuss issues of common concern from regional and global perspectives.


Transitions in Global, Regional and Energy Orders:

Perspectives from Turkey and Japan 


CHAPTER I: Energy Transitions and Changing Geopolitics of the Middle East: Perspectives from Turkey and Japan

1. Energy Transition in Turkey: Experiences and Implications

Alparslan Bayraktar  

2. Energy Security and Sustainability: A Japanese View

Nobuo Tanaka  

3. Energy Security and Sustainability: A Turkish View

Murat Yazıcı

4. Turkey’s Energy Security: Regional Dimension

Eser Özdil 

5. Turkey’s Policy towards the Middle East

Mesut Özcan

6. Power, Protest and Order: The Future of Politics in the Middle East

Özlem Tür

7. Challenges for the Middle East and Japan to Build Multilayered Interdependence  

Satoru Nakamura  

8. Concluding Remarks

Arıkan Açar


CHAPTER II: Changing Face of Security in Times of Global and Regional Transformation: Perspectives from Turkey and Japan

1. Transformation of the Global Order and Japan's Foreign Policy

Hiroshi Nakanishi

2. Turkey's Foreign Policy Choices at the Nexus of Global/Regional Turmoil

Fuat Keyman

3. New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy and the Engagement in the Middle East

Meliha Altunışık

4. The New Geopolitics of the Middle East and Weaponization of Non-State Actors

Nihat Ali Özcan

5. Shift of Regional Order in the Indo-Pacific in the Face of U.S-China Strategic Rivalry

Yoichi Kato

6. Concluding Remarks

Kıvanç Ulusoy

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